Light 3 styles

TT Ricordi Allegria is a sleek and intelligent contemporary Florentine grotesque.

Medium 4 styles

TT Ricks is a flamboyant elzevir-type serif, for which the words “cute” or “calm” are not a fitting definition.

Medium 4 styles

TT Ricordi Greto is an experimental project, inspired by a floor plaque dating from 1423 found in the Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence.

Light 3 styles

TT Ricordi Marmo is an original experimental project inspired by inscriptions at Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence.

Bold 21 style

TT Travels Next is a very trendy and modern wide display sans serif for use in different sets, be they print or web.

ExtraLight 4 styles

TT Globs is the first font from the TypeType Starter Kit line.

Regular 19 styles

TT Fors is a modern geometric sans serif with characters and shapes contrasting in width.

Regular 13 styles

TT Fors is a modern geometric sans serif with characters and shapes contrasting in width.

TT Ricordi Nobili is a display serif with a rich Roman ancestry and contemporary world views.

TT Ricordi Todi is a wide serif with a classic base and a contemporary spirit.

TT Ricordi Fulmini is a fashionable contemporary serif firmly holding on to its historic roots.

Regular 24 styles

TT Autonomous is a modern technological sans-serif with wide angular proportions.

Display Fonts

Display fonts form a whole group of fonts that differ in character and style. Despite the sometimes very different appearance of display fonts, you can easily tell them by several signs:

  • large size, often starting from size 14 and above;
  • original design, which can manifest itself in details, for example, serif graphics, or in the original idea of a ​​type designer demonstrating an unusual and recognizable style.

These fonts are intended for headings, use in advertising and communication materials such as banners, printing products, merchandise. They can be used to highlight a part of a text to emphasize a phrase.

Display fonts are not suitable for setting large text arrays, therefore they are used in tandem with text fonts. Display typefaces have more eccentric, expressive designs, even if they are designed to complement the text type.

This type of font may have formal or informal appearance, reflect any mood and adapt to the tasks of the project or brand for which it is be used. Many brands purchase a display typeface that is personally designed for them, serving as an element of their corporate identity.

In the collection of display fonts by TypeType, you will find a variety of fonts in different styles and moods. Each font has its own characteristic peculiarities and visual features. The most popular display fonts from TypeType are TT Travels Next, TT Ricordi Marmo, TT Globs, TT Fors. Among the unusual ones you will find TT Geekette, TT Frantz, TT Milks.