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Font hinting

Hinting improves the look and readability of the text in low screen resolution and small font size.

TrueType hinting (or instructing) means hints that are embedded into the font file with help of special software. One could say that these are limitations imposed onto font characters during scaling that best reflect the shapes programmed by the designer initially in any body size, on any device, resolution, and software.

We carry out TrueType hinting both for individual static faces and for variable fonts and use Visual TrueType and several proprietary technical subprograms to optimize hinting work.

Font hinting
Four key tasks that hinting solves

Four key tasks that hinting solves

1. Maintaining contrast — hinting allows to bring back into the font the contrast envisioned by the designer.

2. Readability increase — in small text sizes, hinting is responsible for character readability.

3. Creates spacing — hinting does not let letters to merge and controls the letter spacing as it was envisioned by the author.

4. Maintains a plain text line — hinting makes the letters in all text sizes stay within the line and not to jump out of it.


Hinting is subject to a number of peculiarities depending on the operating system or the browser in which the font is displayed. We constantly update our scripts/programs which enhance and optimize our hinting. For our clients, we work on detailed hinting whenever requested such that the fonts are displayed as precisely as possible. In addition, we also do font auditing and suggest appropriate recommendations.


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