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One Subscription to Tackle a Multitude of Tasks
Subscribe to the entire TypeType font collection and get unlimited access to the tools for your design.

TypeType Font Subscription

What perks does the TypeType font subscription come with?
The subscription covers the entire TypeType font collection. The full font library of 75+ fonts will always be at hand
During the subscription period, you can install all font updates and add-ons. We update the collection monthly
Due to a new typography level, you’ll have everything you need to create a quality design
You won’t have to waste time and money looking for fonts for each new project
You’ll be able to fully concentrate on creating! You won’t have to manage complex licenses, as our pricing plans cover any designer needs
The fonts can be installed on any number of workstations inside the organization
Technical support: our specialists will always be in touch
Personalization: if you want to add something to your subscription, we’ll adjust it to your needs

Subscription for Organizations

Who can sign up for this TypeType font subscription?

  • Large B2C companies working with numerous clients;
  • Online and offline retail;
  • Internet services;
  • Banking and insurance companies;
  • Media platforms (news, information, entertainment);
  • TV channels, streaming services.

Which needs will this subscription cover?

The subscription is ideal for companies seeking to consistently produce fresh and varied media content, the successful execution of which needs top-notch typography.

For example:

  • Crafting advertising or specialized projects; 
  • Market entry support for new products or services. 

In particular, these may involve banners for websites, landings, newsletters, micro applications, social media content, video or printing materials, and more. 

The subscription will cover these needs and allow you to use all our fonts without any licensing restrictions. You won’t have to waste time purchasing individual fonts for every project.

Subscription for Organizations
Font subscription

What do we offer?

We offer a subscription to the full collection of TypeType fonts for commercial use (75+ fonts). The subscription allows you to implement any number of top-quality fonts into any project.

What perks does the subscription offer?

If you use fonts constantly, not only for individual projects, the subscription will suit you perfectly, and here is why: 

  • It’s more beneficial. To use a font, a company has to buy it. In the case of a large company with wide distribution (for example, the Desktop license for numerous workstations + 1 million views on web + app + server), the Unlimited license is often needed, and the cost of this license is $4000 for a single font style. 
  • You will save both money and time. The process of purchasing a font often requires much time to negotiate. The subscription allows you to sign a contract once and use our entire collection without any limitations.
  • Quality and distinctiveness. To avoid spending too much money and time, many companies choose free fonts. However, most of them fall short in terms of quality, and the best options are too widespread and cannot contribute to creating something original. The subscription gives you access to more than 75 unique and high-quality fonts.

With the font subscription, you’ll be able to create media content using quality commercial fonts without having any limits, worrying about licenses, and being involved in lengthy processes of font purchasing.


  • The possibility to use premium-quality commercial fonts to create top-notch products;
  • Unlimited font rent: freedom to use fonts across all projects without any usage limitations;
  • Constant technical support and feedback from our production, plus the possibility to personalize terms; 
  • New TypeType fonts will be added to your subscription, and the old ones will be updated regularly.


  • Within the subscription, it’s prohibited to use our fonts as brand ones on websites or in apps, but if you need it, contact us;
  • You are not permitted to share fonts with third parties, but upon request, we can grant you the right to provide font files to contractors for the duration of their project work.
Font subscription

    How to sign up for the font subscription?

    Simply submit a subscription request by selecting a pricing plan and filling out the form below. We will contact you shortly.

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