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Professional font mastering

What is font mastering? This is a service in which we can take your drafts, lettering, vector letters or even sketches from any font editor and turn them into a fully functional font.

We are ready to help you with both complex mastering as well as with the solution of individual visual or technical problems.

TypeType font mastering can be divided into several main blocks: visual mastering, technical mastering, kerning and font hinting.

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Professional font mastering
Visual font mastering

Visual font mastering

The simplest and most accessible type of visual mastering is a basic visual font audit, within which we evaluate the consistency of visual solutions, the rhythm of the font, the proportions and designs of style-forming characters only. As a result of the audit, we provide a PDF presentation.

A comprehensive visual font audit includes all the work from the basic audit, and also includes a detailed inspection of each font character and spacing. In addition, you can choose making edits yourself or leaving it to us, thereby giving us the opportunity to bring your font to perfection.

Visual audit cost: from $0.5 per glyph.

Technical mastering

The technical audit of a font from TypeType includes running the font through our proprietary validator, editing the starting points for the contours, evaluating the correctness of contour construction, correcting errors, checking anchors inside glyphs and evaluating the correctness of their work and location, reviewing the correctness of constructing semi-approches.

In addition, we will fill in the service and meta information in the Font Info of the font, create or fix OpenType features, create or fix Glyph Order, and check the correct operation of fonts in the popular editors Adobe, Figma, Sketch and others.

Technical audit cost: from $0.4 per glyph.

Technical mastering


We create manual kerning according to our own system, which we tried and tested for several years on dozens of font families. This kerning allows to systematically define and create all the necessary kerning pairs for the combinations of characters UPPERCASE + UPPERCASE, UPPERCASE + lowercase, lowercase + lowercase, numbers + numbers, as well as carry out kerning of all the above groups with special characters.

You can learn more about how we make kernig from the video

Kerning creation cost: from $2.2 per glyph.


Our team carries out TrueType hinting (Grayscale, ClearType, DirectWrite) for both static individual faces and variable fonts. For work we use Visual TrueType and a number of our own technical support software and scripts to optimize the font hinting process.

We were able to significantly optimize hinting and now we can transpose hinting both between individual weights, and between upright and italic versions of fonts.

You can read more about our corporate hinting here.

Hinting cost: from $1.3 per glyph.


Mastering examples

A font is a work of art. Many designers think so, but we will talk not about the industry as a whole but about a specific font which is of interest for art lovers. It has all that is necessary: a beautiful creation story, aesthetics, and line flow. The Italian font designer Antonio Pace created the font for the Capelli Identity Design studio, and TypeType transformed their creation into a functional work instrument.

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    How to order mastering?

    If you are interested in getting help with font mastering, fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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