Slab Serif Fonts

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TT Cometus is an expressive typeface that captivates from the first time.

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TT Globs is the first font from the TypeType Starter Kit line.

TT Rationalist is functional and neutral slab serif typeface.

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TT Polls is the modern modular slab serif family for using in sports-related design.

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TT Slabs. Slab serif, also called «square serif». They originate shortly after the Industrial Revolution (1850), when the advertising industry began to grow.

One of the peculiarities of slab serif typefaces is their large serifs. Serifs in slabs can be rectangular, trapezoidal, or rounded, but unlike serif typefaces, they stand out for the massiveness of this element.

At present, you can find different slab fonts in the TypeType collection. Each of them has its own flavor and is created for use in a specific niche and to solve a particular task. In addition, this fall, we will release one more neutral slab serif font family, which should cover the text family niche. TypeType slab serif fonts include TT Slabs, TT Slabs Condensed, TT Polls, TT Globs, and TT Geekette.

Initially, TypeType had only one slab serif family, TT Slabs, which appeared in 2014. TT Slabs is characterized by its rather geometric character and serif shapes. A bit later, in 2015, we released the narrow version of the family called TT Slabs Condensed, which was supposed to be a pair to the TT Slab family and help expand its functionality. We wanted the user to implement TT Slabs in headings, subheadings, and logos, and TT Slabs Condensed to set text blocks, saving some space on the layout.

Our second addition to slab fonts in our library was TT Polls. It was part of a more complex TT Polls family, consisting of a beautiful script and the slab. The TT Polls family was based on a study of American sports culture and graphics, which has strongly influenced the visuals of both subfamilies. TT Polls Slab is characterized by its modular, narrow, and square ovals. TT Polls Slab looks especially good combined with TT Polls Script.

In addition, our collection features a purposefully expressive font, TT Globs. This is a very modern display font to use in large point sizes in posters and announcements, headings and subheadings, logos and branding, as well as on the web. TT Globs is a very bright and fashionable font with several exciting features that can visually transform it.

We also should not forget about the experimental TT Geekette font family, which combines the friendliness of its malleable glyph shapes and the seriousness of its monospaced appearance. TT Geekette’s main specialty is variability, thanks to which you can regulate the contrast in the font and choose between monolinearity or vibrant reverse contrast. In addition, the font can be used for coding and programming.

In fall 2021, our library will gain one more slab font, which will stand out with its neutrality and functionality. The new slab will become a neutral text pair for our bestseller sans serifs, like TT Norms Pro, TT Commons Pro, and TT Hoves Pro.