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Custom fonts

At TypeType, we’ve got a broad experience in creating both fully custom fonts and modified fonts based on the fonts from our collection.

Why would you need custom fonts?
For instance, you might find some nuances of already existing fonts unsuitable for your purposes, or you need a completely original font in order to create unique corporate identity.

If you are thinking of an original font, we are ready to offer the following collaboration models:

1. Custom fonts
If you require a truly exclusive product, you need to order a custom font. The font will meet all your requirements and will be unique for sure.
2. Fonts modification
The easiest way to get a custom font is to modify an existing one from our library. We are ready to discuss and implement all the necessary changes within the shortest possible time. As the result, you will get an individual product with exclusive rights to it.


There can be a number of situations when you might need help implementing Cyrillic characters into a font. For instance, you are drawing a font and are planning to add support of Cyrillic characters into it, but you don’t speak any languages that use Cyrillic characters. Or maybe you are entering new markets and you need to add Cyrillic characters into an existing corporate font?

We think that Cyrillization should only be commissioned from native speakers with a proven broad experience in font design. We think that TypeType company meets the following criteria:
1. We deeply care for and respect the Cyrillic alphabet. Native speakers of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages work for us.
2. All commercial and free fonts launched under the TypeType brand support Cyrillic characters by default.
3. We have already delivered several commissioned cyrillization projects.

Please email us if you have any questions.