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Font Licensing

There are so many font licenses that it’s easy to get lost in their variety. In this section, we’ll talk about TypeType licenses, and use examples to explain in which cases they may be required.

So, you chose a font from our collection for your project. First, define the tasks that you want to solve with it. After exploring the font’s application range, study the list of TypeType licenses and select the appropriate ones.

If after reading you still have questions, please refer to the FAQ on licenses or write to us by filling out the contact form. You can also use this form to order a font license.

Font Licensing


Types of licenses


The license is suitable for anyone who plans to use the font in logo design, images for websites and social media, as well as in print media, souvenirs, and merchandise.

This license is purchased in accordance with the number of workstations where the designer will use the font.


If you plan to use the font in headings or text blocks on your project’s website, choose this commercial font license.

The price depends on the number of website visits.


Purchase this font license to use the font in applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

When choosing a license, we do not count the number of application downloads, as many do, but focus only on the number of applications in which the font will be used.

Digital Ads

Suitable for placing banners, digital ads and posters on the Internet, as well as for advertising on social media.

The license options differ depending on the number of ad impressions.

Video & Broadcasting

This font license allows you to use the font in video content: blogging, on a YouTube or TV channel, online or offline broadcasting.

Font license options depend on the amount of video content that uses the font.


This license allows video game developers to embed the font in their code.


Suitable for those who will be using the font in e-books, magazines, interactive PDFs, or other publications.


The license is suitable for special websites and apps where users can create a product featuring the selected font without an additional font license.


This is the case when a font is not limited to one area of application, and you want to discover all the possibilities it offers.

By the way, for those who purchase this type of commercial license, we often offer font customization as a gift.


Suitable for those who want to test several variants of fonts in the layout, show them to the client and choose the most suitable one for their project.

This license is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not intended for commercial use.


We are adopting a flexible approach to changing standard licenses depending on the tasks and requirements of your company’s technical department.

For instance, we can specify in the license that you can transfer the font rights to your contractors for the period of working on the projects.

Request for a custom license

Font subscription

Subscribe to the entire TypeType font collection and get unlimited access to the tools for your design.

During the subscription period, you can install all font updates and add-ons. We update the collection monthly.

Subscription details

FAQ about licenses

Everything you wanted to know about licenses but were afraid to ask

How are license prices determined? What do they depend on?

The price of a license is determined by many factors, such as the number of styles you purchase or the type of license.

Each license has its own price characteristics. In a desktop license, the cost depends on the number of computers on which the font is installed. In a web license, the price depends on the number of page views on the site, and in licenses for mobile applications, it depends on the number of applications.

How long is the license valid for? Should the contract be renewed?

The license is valid indefinitely, so there is no need to renew the contract.

I bought a font and want to transfer it to my client. I can do it?

Yes, you can. 

When you purchase a license for a TypeType font, please see the transfer of rights clause. Most often, you will find it in section 3 of the contract (look for clauses 3.10, 3.11, or 3.12). Just remember that after transferring the font to the client, you should delete all files of the transferred font from your working computer.

I bought a font and want to transfer it to my contractor. As a customer, can I do this?

It’s possible, but before purchasing a license, let the TypeType manager know that you plan to outsource the font to your contractor.

We will introduce a clause on extending the license to third parties, after which the font can be officially transferred to a third party, that is, a contractor.

I want to buy a TypeType font, but someone else will work on it. How can I do this?

Just let the TypeType manager know that you plan to buy the font for another person or company. When drawing up the document, we will make a clarification that another person or company will use the font, that is, the purchase is made in the interests of a third party. You will need to provide the details of the individual or the name of the company for which the license is being purchased.

I bought a web license from MyFonts in 2020. I didn’t use the font, but now I want to use it in a website design. The problem is that the website’s domain name does not belong to the licensee. Can I change the licensee?

Yes, you can. Write to myfonts.com technical support, notifying them that you want to change the licensee.

Please indicate in your letter:

  • order number,
  • name of the previous licensee,
  • name of the new licensee.

Send a copy of the email to the TypeType manager at [email protected]. We will add the domain name of the new licensee to our database, and you will be able to use the font on the new website.

I liked the font that I found on the Internet. How do I know if this font can be used for free or if I need to buy a license for it?

The best option is to ask the font developer. The developer will tell you whether you need to buy a license or you can use the font for free. If the font is commercial, the developer might offer a personalized discount.

The second option is to search for the font on popular marketplaces (myfonts.com, fonts.com, and others). If the font is on a commercial website, it is not free.

Do the concepts of copyright and intellectual property apply to a font?

Of course, because the font results from intellectual effort and is legally protected. Moreover, the font is both a visual work and software.

What happens if you use a font without buying a license? Is there a penalty for illegal use of a font?

Civil, administrative and criminal liability may ensue due to the illegitimate use of a font. In other words, it’s better to buy licenses for commercial fonts.

How do you know if a font is being used without a license? How is it controlled?

TypeType has an entire licensing control department that constantly checks the licensee database. If there is something wrong with your license, you will receive an email that is best answered.

Does TypeType provide free licenses? To whom and for what purposes?

Sometimes we provide non-commercial, i.e. free, licenses. For example, trial versions of fonts, which allow you to test all functions of a font on a project, but do not allow commercial use.

We also provide fonts for social projects and collaborate with universities to provide fonts for education purposes.

I want to buy a desktop license. How do I know if it’s right for me?

A desktop license will suit you if:

  • you plan to use the font on your computer in a graphics or text editor,
  • you will use the font in logos and graphics on websites and social media
  • you are going to use the font to design printed materials, souvenirs, or other printed products.
Where can I use the desktop license?

The scope of application is varied. 

You can:

  • design leaflets and posters using the font,
  • use the font to design bar and restaurant menus,
  • set bar and restaurant menus with the font,
  • design textile prints using the font,
  • design layouts for books or newspapers,
  • create graphic images (jpg, png, gif, etc.) to use on websites and social media,
  • create logos or souvenirs,
  • embed vector graphics on company websites using font characters in pdf or cdr format.
I saw the numbers 2, 3, 10 in the desktop license. What do they mean?

The numbers in the desktop license indicate the number of computers on which the purchased font will be installed. A license is required for all computers on which you plan to work with the selected font files.

If you are going to work alone and the installed font will only be needed for your device, one license is enough.

If several people work on a layout, and each of them needs access to font files, a license is purchased for several devices. If these are 2 computers, then 2, and so on. This can be any number: 3, 6, 10.

If you work with a font file, and then send the layout to a colleague who makes changes to the visual part without touching the font and without installing the font on their computer, they do not need an additional license.

Does the TypeType desktop license have limitations on circulation or geography of application?

No. The desktop license is not limited by circulation or geography of application. Moreover, you can use the purchased font in different mediums: on paper or glass, on textiles or cardboard, on signs, walls and billboards.

What limitations do TypeType desktop licenses have?

Only the number of computers that use the font. There are no other restrictions.

If an agency bought a desktop license and made 500 logos for 500 companies, is that still one license? Or do you need to buy something extra?

Yes, this is one license, provided that the agency’s clients will use only the layout (image file). You don’t need to buy anything extra.

I bought a desktop license. Can I change the font?

You can edit the appearance of font characters in graphic editors: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and others. You cannot make changes to the font file or the character shapes of the font contained in the file.

I bought a desktop license. Can I make a logo by changing the shape of the letters?

The font file should not be changed, but you can change letters or symbols in a graphics editor.

I am a designer. I recently completed a project for a client and handed over the finished design to them. Does the customer need an additional license?

No, they do not. With that, the font file (with the .otf extension) must remain on the designer’s computer and not be transferred to the customer.

If the customer plans not only to use the layout, but also to make changes to it using the font of your choice, a license must be purchased.

I bought a TypeType font and used it to design a book that I plan to send to a publisher for commercial use. Can I do this if I have a desktop license?

You can do this, as long as the publisher doesn’t make changes to the layout.

If I bought a font in the name of a client, can I install the font file on my computer? On the condition that I will only use this font for this client’s projects.

The font can only be used by the person whose name appears on the license as the licensee. There are two options for your situation:

  • you need to purchase your own license for the chosen font,
  • a clause will be added to the client’s license to allow the transfer of the license to the contractor. In order to add such an item, you need to email us at [email protected].
I want to buy a web license. How do I know if it’s right for me?

A web license is needed for those who plan to use the font on a website: in text blogs, headings, subheadings.

A web license mentions the number of views. What does it mean?

This refers to the number of website views per month, which is the number of visits to the website where the font is used.

The gradation of views can be as follows:

  • 10 000, 
  • 100 000, 
  • 1 000 000, 
  • unlimited number of views.

This is the key parameter of this license type that affects the final cost.

So that means you have to pay for a web license every month?

No, the license is paid for once. If the number of views is as stated in the license, you continue to use the font without worrying about anything. You only need to purchase an extended license if you have exceeded the number of views allowed under the license.

There are no restrictions in the unlimited license.

How is the number of views tracked?

There are several ways to do this.

  • Use a css file that counts views and sends statistics to the developer. Comes with the font.
  • Use public tools, such as platforms for website traffic tracking.
  • Make a formal request to the site owner.
I bought a license for 10,000 views, and there are 10,011 of them. What should I do?

One-time, minor view excesses are acceptable as long as they are actually one-time and minor. If a license was purchased for 10,000 views, and there are 11,000 or more views, you must purchase one for more views. The number of views is tracked, so reaching out for a license extension yourself is best.

I bought a web license. On which websites can I use the purchased font?

You can use the font on all websites with domain names owned by the person who bought the font (indicated as the licensee in the contract).

I have a TypeType web license. Do I have to showcase a license file on a website that uses a purchased font?

No, you don’t have to.

I want to buy a video license. How do I know if it’s right for me?

A video license is needed for those who:

  • plan to use the font for credits and ticker texts,
  • want to employ the font for real-time text display in videos,
  • will use the purchased font to set the text in statics or credits (channel or vlog logo, video title, and so on).
How many videos can be made under one license?

You need to buy a license for each unique video where you want to use the font.

Do I need to pay extra for the number of views?

No. The video license has no limits on the number of views.

I want to use a font in the video intro, it will be used for less than 5 seconds. Do I need to buy a video license?

Yes. If a font is used in a video, you need to purchase a license for it.

I make commercial videos. Which license is right for me?

You need to select a video license.

Which license should I choose if a printed banner with your font will be visible in the video?

You need a desktop license.

Which license should I purchase if I want to use a TypeType font for a packshot?

You need a desktop license.

If you have any questions

Please contact us at [email protected].

We will help you choose the proper license.

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