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Fonts in use

Fonts in use

This page features a constantly updated collection of examples of TypeType fonts in use. Here you can find inspiration from looking at pretty images or have a look at a font you like through the eyes of a different designer. 

We are very thorough in developing fonts, we carry out in-depth research, organize internal competitions for our designers and, of course, consult the end users of our fonts. It is very important for us that TypeType fonts are functional and at the same time expressive. 

We want our fonts to strengthen the voice of your brand or to complement your design harmoniously. And we are happy to see that designers all around the world use our fonts in their projects. We will be glad if your project appears here, too.

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At TypeType, we’ve got a broad experience in creating both fully custom fonts and modified modified commercial fonts from our collection.
You might find some nuances of already existing fonts unsuitable for your purpos- es, or you need a completely original font in order to create unique corporate identity.


We know that the process of selecting the right license can be quite complicated. We offer you a small cheat sheet for the proper selection of licenses, which will help you better understand the issue of licensing and find the right license before you purchase typefaces for commercial use.


Font hinting (also known as instructing) is the use of mathematical instructions to adjust the display of an outline font so that it lines up with a rasterized grid.
At low screen resolutions, hinting is critical for producing clear, legible text. It can be accompanied by antialiasing and (on liquid crystal displays) subpixel rendering for further clarity.