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Bring clients’ ideas to life with TypeType fonts
We provide affiliate royalties and bonuses for branding, advertising and design agencies.

Agency partnership

You create and improve customer projects, and you do so with fonts. We produce quality fonts and provide the best partnership terms to those who choose TypeType typefaces. 

Let’s create flawless and aesthetic designs together! 

Agency partnership

We provide agencies that choose to partner with TypeType:

  • affiliate royalties of up to 15% on each TypeType font sold,
  • free access to the entire TypeType font collection for internal use and free testing,
  • a personal manager to advise you on terms of cooperation, use of TypeType fonts, and selection of an appropriate license. 

We are aiming for long-term partnerships with agencies that want to offer clients high-quality, modern and aesthetically pleasing fonts. 

Have a look at how our fonts are used in other projects.

Special offers and customization

Just a few changes can turn a commercial typeface in the TypeType collection into a personal typeface that fits your project perfectly. 

Offer customization to your customers to adapt the typeface they like to their individual needs.   

We can add a client’s logo to the font, change the serifs or shape of one or more letters, lighten the weight of the font, or even add a new language to the font. 

Depending on the license you choose, we provide customization free of charge.

Special offers and customization

    How to start a profitable partnership with TypeType studio?

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