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Bring Your Clients’ Ideas to Life with TypeType Fonts
We provide affiliate royalties and bonuses to branding, advertising, and design agencies.

Agency partnership

You create and improve customer projects, and you do so with fonts. We produce quality fonts and provide the best partnership terms to those who choose TypeType typefaces. 

Let’s create flawless and aesthetic designs together! 

Have a look at how our fonts are used in other projects.

Agency partnership
Special offers for agencies

Special offers for agencies

Free font testing

  • Access to the entire regularly updated database of trial fonts
  • Expanded possibilities of the trial license

Expert consultations on fonts

  • Consultations regarding font choice
  • TypeType participation in customer negotiations
  • Quality and fit audit of your projects’ fonts
  • Font research for clients

Custom fonts

  • Creating fonts from scratch
  • Customization of any TypeType font to meet customer requirements

Loyal pricing policies

  • Individual pricing on popular licenses
  • More convenient budgeting for customer projects

Flexible licensing policy

  • The agency is the payer and the client is the licensee
  • Giving the agency the right to use the fonts purchased for the client
  • Amending any license to meet the customer’s request

Other bonuses

  • Fixed discount on all studio’s fonts
  • Agency agreement
  • Transparent calculation of custom fonts development costs
  • Possibility to rename the font for the client or embed a logo into the font for free

Personal support

  • Personal manager
  • Help in license choice
  • Consultations on any font issues
Agency partnership

    How to start a profitable partnership with TypeType studio?

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    This is a service in which we can take your drafts, lettering, vector letters or even sketches from any font editor and turn them into a fully functional font. We are ready to help you with both complex mastering as well as with the solution of individual visual or technical problems. TypeType mastering can be divided into several main blocks: visual mastering, technical mastering, kerning and font hinting.

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    Font subscription

    Subscribe to the entire TypeType type foundry font collection and get unlimited access to the tools for your design. The full font library of 75+ fonts will always be at hand. During the subscription period, you can install all font updates and expansions. We update the collection monthly.

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    A font can complement the company’s corporate style or become the brand’s voice. Order a custom font from scratch if you would like to have a personalized commercial typeface, or contact our type foundry for customization of an existing TypeType font to get a new one thanks to modification of a few details.

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