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Font customization

Creating a font from scratch: A detailed guide and tips for choosing software

Creating your first font is most difficult because the designer does not yet know all the details of development, does not have enough visual intuition and experience. When developing a font for the first time, you have to learn a lot in the process, transferring theoretical knowledge about type design to practice, which is always difficult.

See more14 November, 2022

Grow and divide: Creating a font for the G8 festival

Creative industries festival G8 has presented its 2022 visual identity. The associations that immediately come to mind are the unity of nature and people, cell division, and organics.
The «grow and divide» principle was guiding the creation of the corporate visual identity created by a large team. The font design studio TypeType is one of the participants in the creative process of making the font and logo.

See more03 August, 2022
TT Hoves

Customized version of TT Hoves for True Digital agency

TypeType received a font customization request from True Digital Ltd, a marketing agency from Great Britain. The company emphasizes a sincere and involved approach to brand promotion. They wanted to underline their concept by adapting a font to their corporate style.

See more20 October, 2021

Font customization

It often happens that existing fonts do not correspond to the needs of a certain project. But font is not a static instrument that functions only the way it was created. To convey the company’s individual style, the font can and should be adapted and customized to one’s needs that may range from simple changes like diminishing the character composition to complex design changes in all glyphs.

See more26 May, 2021

Changing glyph sizes in TT Commons™ Classic

PluralSight has asked TypeType for trial versions of the TT Commons™ Classic and TT Interphases fonts to choose a suitable one. They were attracted by TT Commons™ Classic, but the non-standard size of glyphs made the font unsuitable for several directions.

See more15 February, 2021

Turning off ligatures in TT Norms® Pro

The German marketing analytics platform Adjust has addressed TypeType with a request to customize the TT Norms® Pro font. Adjust provides services for company development all around the world.

See more15 January, 2021