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Customized version of TT Hoves for True Digital agency

TypeType received a font customization request from True Digital Ltd, a marketing agency from Great Britain. The company emphasizes a sincere and involved approach to brand promotion. They wanted to underline their concept by adapting a font to their corporate style.

TT Hoves served as the basic font.
There were several large-scale tasks.

• Changing the style of the letter e, making it slightly tilted to the left.
• Replacing the square dots in characters and letters «! ? . ,; : … · j i » with round ones.
• Making the one-part shape of the letter default, and moving the two-part one into a stylistic set.

As a result, the adapted font got a new name—TT Hoves True. The customized version reflects the True Digital Ltd brand values: a modern and vibrant, but not an overwhelming look.

Step by step, the TypeType designers and technical specialists have generated the following changes.
• New look of the letter e. In the new style, the letter looks playful, but does not stand out from the overall composition. The ideal tilt angle was chosen and the adapted was implemented in 20 TT Hoves styles: 10 upright and 10 italics.

New look of the letter e

• In the same faces, square dots were replaced with round dots in letters and symbols. The seriousness of perception has softened, and the symbols in the new font are more conducive to dialogue.

Changing shape of dots

• The letter a complements the new font’s penchant for minimalism. The two-part shape has been replaced with a one-part one. Now the letter a matches the other rounded letters perfectly.
The one-part shape of the letter a became part of the main set, and the two-part shape was put into a new stylistic set.

Changing stylistic set

• At the final stage, new hinting was made for the customized characters, and the name of the adapted font was changed to TT Hoves true.

The result is an easier-to-read typeface that fits the agency’s concept perfectly with its fluid faces and a charming e.

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