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Type foundryBlogTurning off ligatures in TT Norms® Pro

Turning off ligatures in TT Norms® Pro

The German marketing analytics platform Adjust has addressed TypeType with a request to customize the TT Norms® Pro font. Adjust provides services for company development all around the world.

They were completely satisfied with the license for TT Norms® Pro they purchased, but one inconvenience resurged in the testing process: standard ligatures of the font were turned on by default, which turned out to be inconvenient for Adjust while using the basic version of the font.

The company wanted the text set in TT Norms® Pro to look crisp without turning the ligatures on.

Such a task is no problem for TypeType because a client’s comfort while using our fonts should be at the maximum. TypeType’s technical specialists moved TT Norms® Pro ligatures from the standard ligatures feature into the discretionary ligatures one. Our team made the ligatures unavailable by default in all font faces, but if necessary they could still be turned on.

The customized version of TT Norms® Pro with the changed order of ligature display was then sent off to Adjust. The font has become more convenient for the company with the alternative display of glyphs on the screen and they could now use TT Norms® Pro to the fullest.

Below you can see what the changes to the font looked like:

Adjust purchased an unlimited license for TT Norms® Pro, so this customization was complimentary for them.

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