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A trial font is a special type of font designed only for testing and evaluating the font, as well as for comparison with other fonts. Trial font does not mean a free font and cannot be used in finished personal or commercial projects. If after the test the font completely suits you based on its characteristics, please buy a suitable commercial license for its use.

Test Fonts

Trial fonts

How to use them?

  • Do not use them in any completed personal and commercial projects.

  • Do not send trial font to a client especially for further usage in work.

  • You can’t distribute trial font to other people or company both free and for payment.

  • You also can’t make modifications with a trial font file or its components.

Trial fonts by TypeType

Trial fonts by TypeType

Our trial fonts are no different in composition from our commercial fonts and have the same character composition and language support, kerning, all OpenType features and hinting.

At your request, we can also prepare web versions of trial fonts from any TypeType or TypeTrends font.

    I would like to get a trial font

    We will be glad if in the form you would tell us a little about the project in which you want to test our font, but also we won’t be very offended if you choose to keep this information secret from us.

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