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Customized version of TT Hoves for True Digital agency

TypeType received a font customization request from True Digital Ltd, a marketing agency from Great Britain. The company emphasizes a sincere and involved approach to brand promotion. They wanted to underline their concept by adapting a font to their corporate style.

Creating a font for Group logo setting

Today we will share a fascinating story of creating a font family to set logos for one of the largest Russian brands. We promise you won’t be bored: in this story, you will have the chance to have a look at all stages of the work and will learn more about font creation.

Converting TT Hoves Medium into an adapted TT Hoves GDTI

Monospace, a branding agency from Germany, creates corporate identities and designs for projects. The company believes that through design it is possible to create a brand though which customer interactions will be enjoyable and long-term.

Changing glyph sizes in TT Commons Classic

PluralSight has asked TypeType for trial versions of the TT Commons Classic and TT Interphases fonts to choose a suitable one. They were attracted by TT Commons Classic, but the non-standard size of glyphs made the font unsuitable for several directions.

Turning off ligatures in TT Norms® Pro

The German marketing analytics platform Adjust has addressed TypeType with a request to customize the TT Norms® Pro font. Adjust provides services for company development all around the world.