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Affordable Font

We are launching a new service on the font market!

For any company, a corporate font is a branding element that allows it to stand out among competitors. If you still think that such a service is only available to big brands with billions of dollars — get ready, we are here to bust this myth!

The Affordable Font by TypeType is a unique commercial font with a fixed price of $1999 that we will create in a month.

It is important for us that everyone on the market has the opportunity to order a font that meets their needs, while staying within budget.

Affordable Font


•  What is included in the service?
A unique font designed according to your wishes. Standard font character composition (support for one language of your choices, basic numbers and punctuation), high-quality kerning and an unlimited license to use.

•  Why is it so low cost?
The font available has a limited character composition and does not provide any unique commercial use rights. The possibilities of the font can be expanded by ordering additional options.

•  What is the working process?
You send us a service request and fill out an application. We organize a meeting, discuss the client’s comments, and form a vision for the project. After that, we prepare the font in a month.

•  Will there be any alterations possible?
No, we discuss all your wishes at the start.

Additional options

The affordable font can be expanded and supplemented. For example, you acquire exclusive rights to use the font in order to become its sole owner.

These are the additional features you can request:

  • Expansion of the character composition or support for additional languages
  • Adding small caps to the font or introducing any type of features
  • Additional styles for the font
  • Manual hinting
  • Unique name for your font
  • Acquisition of exclusive rights to a font
Additional options
Social projects

Social projects

There are quite a few projects in the world whose activities inspire and support thousands of people. We are among one of those projects, so twice a year we will choose one of these socially-oriented organizations and do good — develop a font for free.

We want to support social projects that are important to society. An aesthetic corporate typeface will help draw more attention to these organizations.

We accept applications from libraries, charity funds, museums and other projects with a social mission.

    I want an affordable font!

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    At TypeType, we’ve got a broad experience in creating both fully custom fonts and modified commercial fonts from our collection.
    You might find some nuances of already existing fonts unsuitable for your purpos- es, or you need a completely original font in order to create unique corporate identity.


    This is a service in which we can take your drafts, lettering, vector letters or even sketches from any font editor and turn them into a fully functional font. We are ready to help you with both complex mastering as well as with the solution of individual visual or technical problems. TypeType mastering can be divided into several main blocks: visual mastering, technical mastering, kerning and font hinting.


    Font hinting (also known as instructing) is the use of mathematical instructions to adjust the display of an outline font so that it lines up with a rasterized grid.
    At low screen resolutions, hinting is critical for producing clear, legible text. It can be accompanied by antialiasing and (on liquid crystal displays) subpixel rendering for further clarity.